Integration of Mentimeter into the Classroom: A Scoping Review


  • Fatemeh Ranjbaran University of Technology and Applied Sciences
  • Abdullah Al-Abri University of Technology and Applied Sciences
  • Hadi Sobhanifar University of Technology and Applied Sciences


Mentimeter, student engagement, motivation, Student Response System (SRS), technology integration


The rapid development in technology and information has inspired educators to explore innovative technological resources and assets to promote the quality of teaching and learning. Student Response Systems (SRS) have been acknowledged as having a significant influence on student engagement, motivation, and overall achievement. This scoping review investigated the integration of Mentimeter in the educational context to determine its effectiveness for both teaching and learning processes. The included studies were screened for only those that investigated the use of Mentimeter in the classroom, while including peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings, short articles, book chapters, and review articles from 2015 to 2022 that were available in English without limitation on discipline. The 57 publications that met the eligibility criteria were coded for various characteristics, the most significant of which are discipline, geographical region, publication type, research method and outcomes. Our results reveal the numerous merits gained from integrating Mentimeter in educational settings, including: 1) benefits not only to enriching student-centered pedagogy, but also encapsulating a diverse audience of cultural backgrounds and competencies; 2) providing immediate feedback for anonymous student responses; 3) enhancing student motivation; 4) engaging students’ active participation. The results of this study provide initiatives for teachers and educational researchers to conduct further research on various educational technology platforms, and highlight the advantages of integrating technology into the educational setting. While teachers and practitioners persevere to transform the learning experience through technology, we emphasize the necessity for continuous research to investigate different learning platforms that considerably improve learning outcomes.



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Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments in Education